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ROBEISPEC© is one of today's foremost suspension tuners in the United States. Robi Fuller has years of racing experience under his belt, with an abundant knowledge of race car dynamics. He now applies his first-hand knowledge and experience to his customers’ vehicles. With countless wins and records set by his suspension tuning setup at Buttonwillow Speedway, Thunderhill Speedway, California Speedway, and tracks around the United States, Robi will help your inspired street cars handle like a true race car.

Services RobiSpec offers:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Corner Balancing
  • Suspension Installation and Tuning
  • Chassis setup, lightening, reinforcement

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SP Engineering© has developed an attraction to the Nissan GT-R that goes back to the legacy skylines of the R32, R33, and R34 platform. Even though they are extremely rare in the United States, SP Engineering© has been fortunate to work on multiple examples in the past.

Given their love affair with the GT-R platform, they were very excited when Nissan announced the release of the R35 GT-R in the United States in 2008. They spared no time and immediately immersed themselves in the R&D of performance products for the new GT-R. Using their shop car, the SP35 GT-R, as a test bed, they cycled through and rigorously tested multiple setups. In the process, they broke multiple dyno horsepower records and set the previous R35 GT-R quarter-mile record with a 9.64@149.8 mph pass in April of 2010.

Incorporating all of the gathered data and knowledge of the R35 platform, they were able to develop the SPE kits that they offer today.

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